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Construction Surveying & Layout

What is Construction Staking?

Construction staking is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed structures or improvements on the property. A surveyor can, for instance, mark the corners of a proposed building, the edge of a future road or location of utilities to be constructed. This helps the contractor to be 100% accurate when building on a property. Using a surveyor as a part of your construction project will assure contractors, owners and building inspectors that the job is being done right.


We can provide construction staking for a wide variety of projects including:

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Solar / Wind Energy Fields
  • Industrial Construction
  • Road and Highway Projects
  • Grading Projects Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Telecomm Antenna Sites

A boundary survey is often necessary to place improvements correctly on the property.

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