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Christensen & Plouff Land Surveyors

Why choose us?

We are a family owned and operated, full service firm providing quality Land Surveying services in California with offices in Los Angeles, Silicone Valley and Valencia.


  • Free, fast quotes to get your project moving
  • Quick project turnaround from start to finish
  • Our staff is always available to answer any of your questions


  • 30+ years of surveying experience
  • We work closely with property owners, architects, engineers, lawyers, realtors, contractors, insurance agents, title & mortgage companies as well as State and local agencies
  • Our staff has diverse and extensive experience in all forms of surveying and mapping allowing us to offer a wide range of surveying services
  • Licensed in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, California & Hawaii


  1. We use state of the art equipment for the utmost in accuracy
  2. We complete every project with integrity and precision
  3. Our maps far exceed the industry standard
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