And LOMA Applications

Elevation Certificate

If your property is located within a flood hazard zone as determined by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) you may be required to complete a FEMA Elevation Certificate in order to purchase flood insurance, as a part of the sale of the property or as a part of a new construction or remodeling process for your home. An elevation certificate is prepared by a licensed surveyor and will measure the elevations around your house and property and compare them to the floodplain elevations determined by FEMA. This process helps an insurance estimator or city/county official determine the actual flood risk to your home and property.

LOMA Applications

The results of a FEMA Elevation Certificate may determine that although a property is located in a designated FEMA Flood Hazard Zone, portions of the property and/or structure may be above the flood plain elevation. A LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) Application can be submitted to FEMA to request that the property and/or structure be removed from the flood hazard zone. This would remove or reduce the requirement to obtain flood insurance for the property. Christensen & Plouff Land Surveying is registered with FEMA to submit eLOMA applications online which can be processed within  14 business days as opposed to the written application which can take up to 45 days to process.

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